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Data Templates – Traceability and Digital Record Through Project Life-Cycle

Author(s): Pedro Mêda, Hipólito Sousa, Eilif Hjelseth

Citation: Pedro Mêda, Hipólito Sousa, Eilif Hjelseth, (2020) "Data Templates – Traceability and Digital Record Through Project Life-Cycle," Journal of Applied Business and Economics, Vol. 22, Iss.12,  pp. 274-291

Article Type: Research paper

Publisher: North American Business Press


Buildings and infrastructures result from construction processes that use construction products. Built environment logbooks and digital records rely on products data. Likewise, the same data is essential in previous phases; design and construction. Among the sector inefficiencies is the inability to properly disclosure, capture, manage, store and trace built objects information.

This paper updates and expands a research on product information management. Highlights how data is managed by different stakeholders and the role of Data Templates as game changer. These are found to be the standard structures to enable and foster the life-cycle digital supply chain at built environment level.