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     Articles from the American Journal of Management can be found in Google Scholar, and UlrichsWeb. All our articles are also available on PROQUEST and EBSCO. 


North American Business Press uses the h-index to measure the impact of its research. We chose this approach as the ISI (Thomson Reuters) citation approach only includes journals listed within their proprietary database. The h-index uses Google Scholar which is a better representation of all published work and we believe it is the direction of the future. 
The h-index is an easy to understand method, proposed by Jorge E. Hirsch, to quantitatively measure the impact of a particular researcher or academic journal. For example, a journal has an h-index of 5, if, during the years 2008 and 2009, five of the total papers published during those years were each cited at least five times. The selection of the years 2008 and 2009 allows for an extra full year (2010) to account for the typical delay in the publication of research, and therefore in the production of new citations. 

The 2010 h-index for the American Journal of Management is 2. 

As a point of comparison, the 2010 h-index for the Journal of Marketing Management is 8, and the 2010 h-index for the Journal of Applied Business Research is 2.

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