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Thank you for visiting our website and wanting to learn more about North American Business Press. As you can see, we are a specialized business publishing company whose mission is:
The backbone for any publishing firm is having an abundant flow of quality journal and book manuscripts. Over the years, NABP has continued to enjoy a higher standard of submissions, resulting in higher quality products. We are proud to have recently surpassed 2,000 published manuscripts and look forward to many more years of productive contribution.
Here are a few quick facts about North American Business Press. We are proud of our heritage and are happy to share a bit about ourselves. Please contact us if you want to learn more. 
Starting from modest beginnings, we have strived to set the standard for boutique publishing houses.
If you need to reach any of our support or editorial teams, please use the emails or phone numbers provided. Someone will be sure to respond quickly to your request. 
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"To impact the lives of academic scholars and professional practitioners through the tireless effort of publishing, promoting and disseminating their work in a manner consistent with generally accepted principles of the industry. Using a rigorous review process, we will collaborate with authors for the ultimate goal of positively affecting their career."