In response to growing interest from international and Asian scholars, North American Business Press is pleased to announce our Modern China Series of business text and trade books, with our first book reaching stores in September 2011. This initiative is aimed at developing relationships between NABP and Chinese scholars who desire to promote their academic and applied business writings to the rest of the world.

This initiative is headed by Dr. Robert Tian, a renowned researcher and academic, who spearheads our efforts in partnering with foreign authors and administering day-to-day operations of this series. Dr. Tian, a Vice-President with North American Business Press and Editor of this series, spends much of his time in Bejing, Shanghai, and other Chinese cities, focusing on developing and managing our interests with authors and universities. 

If you would like more information on our new business book series, please contact Dr. Tian at 866.624.2458 or at We look forward to developing and managing your book projects.

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Modern China Series

Series Editors In Chief

Dr. David Smith
Dr. Robert Guang Tian

Executive Editors

Dr. Robert Guang Tian 
Dr. Alf Walle 
Mr. Xiuyu Zhang

Editorial Committee Members

Dr. Michael Bond
Dr. Jon Carrick
Dr. Gang Chen
Dr. Jeffrey Kennedy
Dr. Tracy Kramer
Dr. Michael Lillis
Dr. Baoku Li
Dr. Xiaohua Lin
Dr. Kanglong Luo
Dr. Dan Trotter
Dr. Qin Zhong
Dr. Daming Zhou